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Files for kpfa-archives-radio-podcast-2017-01-23


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20170123-Mon0100.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:16 1.4M lock
20170123-Mon0100.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:26 20.5M lock
20170123-Mon0100.ogg 31-Jan-2017 01:53 30.7M lock
20170123-Mon0100.png 31-Jan-2017 02:28 8.2K lock
20170123-Mon0300.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:21 2.3M lock
20170123-Mon0300.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:27 30.8M lock
20170123-Mon0300.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:11 46.4M lock
20170123-Mon0300.png 31-Jan-2017 02:25 9.7K lock
20170123-Mon0600.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:09 752.3K lock
20170123-Mon0600.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:28 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon0600.ogg 31-Jan-2017 01:59 15.5M lock
20170123-Mon0600.png 31-Jan-2017 02:39 8.0K lock
20170123-Mon0700.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:10 733.9K lock
20170123-Mon0700.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:29 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon0700.ogg 31-Jan-2017 01:58 15.7M lock
20170123-Mon0700.png 31-Jan-2017 02:41 8.1K lock
20170123-Mon0800.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:12 805.4K lock
20170123-Mon0800.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:30 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon0800.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:02 15.5M lock
20170123-Mon0800.png 31-Jan-2017 02:20 8.6K lock
20170123-Mon0900.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:22 756.5K lock
20170123-Mon0900.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:31 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon0900.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:04 15.5M lock
20170123-Mon0900.png 31-Jan-2017 02:18 8.1K lock
20170123-Mon1000.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:24 698.8K lock
20170123-Mon1000.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:32 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon1000.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:12 15.8M lock
20170123-Mon1000.png 31-Jan-2017 02:30 7.4K lock
20170123-Mon1100.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:28 721.1K lock
20170123-Mon1100.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:33 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon1100.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:15 15.3M lock
20170123-Mon1100.png 31-Jan-2017 02:32 7.8K lock
20170123-Mon1200.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:08 723.7K lock
20170123-Mon1200.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:33 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon1200.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:16 15.7M lock
20170123-Mon1200.png 31-Jan-2017 02:57 8.1K lock
20170123-Mon1300.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:02 708.6K lock
20170123-Mon1300.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:34 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon1300.ogg 31-Jan-2017 01:56 15.4M lock
20170123-Mon1300.png 31-Jan-2017 02:48 8.7K lock
20170123-Mon1400.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:29 734.3K lock
20170123-Mon1400.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:35 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon1400.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:14 15.7M lock
20170123-Mon1400.png 31-Jan-2017 02:51 7.9K lock
20170123-Mon1500.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:23 363.3K lock
20170123-Mon1500.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:35 5.1M lock
20170123-Mon1500.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:13 7.9M lock
20170123-Mon1500.png 31-Jan-2017 02:52 8.4K lock
20170123-Mon1530.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:22 349.2K lock
20170123-Mon1530.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:35 5.1M lock
20170123-Mon1530.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:11 7.7M lock
20170123-Mon1530.png 31-Jan-2017 02:53 7.7K lock
20170123-Mon1600.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:11 715.1K lock
20170123-Mon1600.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:36 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon1600.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:05 15.2M lock
20170123-Mon1600.png 31-Jan-2017 02:55 8.1K lock
20170123-Mon1700.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:02 721.7K lock
20170123-Mon1700.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:37 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon1700.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:03 15.7M lock
20170123-Mon1700.png 31-Jan-2017 02:46 7.8K lock
20170123-Mon1800.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:11 733.6K lock
20170123-Mon1800.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:38 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon1800.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:00 15.6M lock
20170123-Mon1800.png 31-Jan-2017 03:01 7.4K lock
20170123-Mon1900.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:07 637.3K lock
20170123-Mon1900.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:39 10.3M lock
20170123-Mon1900.ogg 31-Jan-2017 01:57 15.7M lock
20170123-Mon1900.png 31-Jan-2017 02:59 7.9K lock
20170123-Mon2000.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:27 1.3M lock
20170123-Mon2000.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:39 20.6M lock
20170123-Mon2000.ogg 31-Jan-2017 02:08 30.7M lock
20170123-Mon2000.png 31-Jan-2017 02:44 8.3K lock
20170123-Mon2200.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:06 1.4M lock
20170123-Mon2200.mp3 30-Jan-2017 19:41 20.6M lock
20170123-Mon2200.ogg 31-Jan-2017 01:55 30.7M lock
20170123-Mon2200.png 31-Jan-2017 02:36 8.1K lock
_HOUR_00_20170123-Mon0100.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:13 773.1K lock
_HOUR_00_20170123-Mon0300.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:17 801.1K lock
_HOUR_00_20170123-Mon2000.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:25 655.6K lock
_HOUR_00_20170123-Mon2200.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:04 761.7K lock
_HOUR_01_20170123-Mon0100.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:14 711.4K lock
_HOUR_01_20170123-Mon0300.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:18 830.5K lock
_HOUR_01_20170123-Mon2000.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:26 719.8K lock
_HOUR_01_20170123-Mon2200.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:05 711.3K lock
_HOUR_02_20170123-Mon0300.afpk 31-Jan-2017 03:18 745.9K lock
__ia_thumb.jpg 26-Aug-2018 16:23 2.4K
kpfa-archives-radio-podcast-2017-01-23_archive.torrent 31-Jan-2017 03:29 40.4K lock
kpfa-archives-radio-podcast-2017-01-23_files.xml 02-Sep-2018 05:31 33.4K
kpfa-archives-radio-podcast-2017-01-23_meta.sqlite 30-Jan-2017 19:41 27.0K
kpfa-archives-radio-podcast-2017-01-23_meta.xml 02-Sep-2018 05:31 625.0B